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Our Menu

Starting with our premium-blended coffees consisting of the finest 100% Arabica beans, imported from Italy, a rich strong flavor and aroma with a hint of coca, without the bitterness.

We ensure that all our ingredients are the finest and best quality available. All our perishable products and sourced from the best suppliers and are served fresh to you.

Our coffee range of espresso-based products, consists of:
Cappuccinos Latte's
Americanos (or straight Filter Coffee) Espresso
Iced Coffee/ Freez-a-chinos  
Our coffee Cocktails includes:
Don Pedros Khulua Coffee
Coffee Shooters
Speciality Coffee offerings:
Iced Coffee/ Freeze-a-chinos Chochaccinos
Our Famous Hot Chocolate  
Alternative Offerings:
Teas -Normal, Herbal, Rooibos & Chai Iced Fruit Smoothies
Milk Shakes Iced Teas